AirSaas' Mission

Simon and I (Bertran) have been helping small and midsize businesses to restructure their organization for over 5 years so they can take advantage of digital. This contact and these ongoing discussions have given us a strong and unshakable conviction that it is now or never for our small and midsize businesses to make the digital transformation leap.

By going on site, meeting with the operators at production chains, technicians in workshops and customer service teams in their offices, we have been able to see how these people wanted to see their companies innovate, change, and develop. They had a desire to change the status quo and no longer be overwhelmed by digital. And this is only natural!

At home, they use Gmail, but at work?

At home, they use Whatsapp to video conference with their children, but at work?

At home, they use the cloud to store their photos, but at work?

Since Airbnb, Uber, and Google sell their products on a global scale, we use tools worth billions for less than €9 per month. Employees of all ages understand digital tools that work perfectly. They know they're simple to use and don't need training.

But at work they are frustrated...

This is what we have heard in the past 5 years:

  • "We want to use the right tools, not those that are 10 years old"
  • "We want to be agile. We can't do it with ERP anymore"
  • "We want to innovate instead of how we've done things before!"
  • "There are innovations throughout the company, but I don't know anything about them."
  • "I would love to test this solution, but without having to wait for payment authorization (€25/month) or IT authorization."
  • "I have become an Excel pro. I think the company still uses macros."

With AirSaas, a SRM (supplier relationship management) startup, small and midsize businesses will be able to implement their digital strategies, simply and efficiently.

How? It's simple:  

  • By discovering and being inspired every day by new startups around the world that will have an impact on our business now or in the future
  • By talking and working with people who already use these solutions to make the right decision
  • By following the news (new contracts, feedback, new features) of startups of interest to you

Now is the time to jump in!


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