The governance project platform that makes your executive committee take faster decisions

AirSaas is the solution that supports management committees in the management of all strategic projects and transformation programs of the company.

The governance management tool designed for your IT - Business projects
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They talk about us

Thomas Sagnimorte

DSI at Millet Mountain Group

Great tool that allows us to streamline the management of our project portfolio. I recommend!

Oct 7, 2023

David Leaurant

Director of Organization, Information Systems and Innovation

A shared vision of projects within the team, more reactive arbitrations, a support for presenting the Project Roadmap... all with formalized rituals and common milestones but adapted to the perimeters.

Jul 13, 2023

Marie-Odile Lhomme

Chief Digital & Information Officer-Member FrenchWomencio-Administrator CRIP-VP @Arce Future Women-ESSEC Alumni Chief Digital & Information Officer-Member FrenchWomencio-Administrator CRIP-VP @Arce Future Women-ESSEC Alumni

A great project and a real dynamic of a transversal IT and Business team at the service of the management of the project portfolio Audencia Marion Jaffré Mélinda SCHLEDER Maryline Breton Thomas Kerbiriou .A great AirSaaS and Business team dynamic at the service of managing the project portfolio Audencia Marion Jaffré Mélinda SCHLEDER Maryline Breton Thomas Kerbiriou .A great AirSaaS partnership Bertran Ruiz! Happy to see the progress day by day... and the first results! We continue!

Jun 30, 2023

Clement Royer

DSI - ICT MANAGER at Chiesi France

With the AirSaaS tool we were able to ritualize our project review meetings by eliminating PowerPoints and inefficient meetings. This allows us to have the entire IT department aligned and informed about all projects on a daily basis. A really TOP tool!

Oct 26, 2023

Jérôme PIROT

Business Applications Manager

A tool is nothing without the support that goes with it. I appreciate Bertran's approach and its practical side. A great experience and a great tool (Airsaas). Thanks Bertran. 👍

Jul 21, 2023

Thibault Baheux

Project management & PMO

Awareness is beginning to take place in the CODIRs. What they lack, on the other hand, is to have a concrete vision of the organization's project portfolio, and that's where Airsas comes in.

Oct 4, 2023

The key tool to manage your internal projects with flexibility and clarity, from strategy to execution

Without transparency, there can be no engagement. With AirSaas, initiate a deep change in your company's culture, and support your teams by collaborating around your projects in an efficient and transparent way.

Why choose Airsaas?

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Rate of projects that fail (without AirSaas!) because of delayed critical decisions

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3 min
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The time it will take to get your governance tool up and running

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Number of days your teams save on “powerpointing” - less PowerPoints to create = more time to spend on projects.

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pourquoi AirSaas

The speed with which your steering committee will make decisions.

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Easily run your steering committees

In a few clicks, AirSaas gives you access to the decisions and risks of each of your projects during your steering committees. No more information is lost: you manage decisions in a clear and agile way.

Portfolio decisions
Portfolio timeline

A shared macro project roadmap

Your AirSaas collaborative roadmap enables you to prioritize decisions, with views filtered by program, business goals and teams. More visibility for better management: that's the promise we’re making.

Standardize project reporting

Generate consistent project reports on your platform in one click, to help you make faster decisions during your meetings. Say goodbye to heterogeneous, too detailed PowerPoint presentations, received in a hurry the day before the executive committee!

Flash report ppt
Pilotez vos projets de manière macro

Get the right information at the right time

In 5 minutes per week per project, project managers enter on Airsaas the information you need to govern your projects: milestones, decisions to be taken, risks. Avoid "informational" meetings and last minute rush to report.

Follow the progress of your programs

All your project data is consolidated on your program pages to track progress and key indicators in real time.

7 reasons why Top Management loves AirSaas

Without AirSaas
With AirSaas
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Manual project / steering committee reporting, which takes a significant amount of time for your teams, and is too inconsistent for you to understand quickly

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A uniform, automatically generated decision-making report that will allow you every Monday morning to know what is important and what is urgent

sans AirSaas

Complex task-management

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Agile management of your projects through milestones, giving you a perfect macro view

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A disparate (or even non-existent) project culture

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A standardized project culture that drives all collaborators towards excellence

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Micro-management to manage your teams

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Empowerment of everyone, thanks to a simplified and collaborative vision of project progress

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Too much micro-information scattered between different tools that make your teams spend their time copying information

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Native synchronization with your tools

Make your executive committees more efficient and less time-consuming

Choose an effective executive reporting solution that provides visibility to all stakeholders and pushes your business transformation forward faster, easier.

Your teams will love our native integrations

With AirSaas say goodbye to re-entering information all the time. Synchronize your project management tools and get a macro view of the critical information you need on AirSaas.

Automation - integrations
Automation - integrations

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