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With AirSaas, you can easily find, follow, and collaborate with innovative startups around the world that are shaking up your business sector.

Merci pour votre intérêt ! Nous prenons à coeur de vous présenter Airsaas dans les meilleures conditions :-) N'hésitez pas à inviter vos collègues à s'enregistrer sur Airsaas, plus vous serez nombreux de la même entreprise, plus vous serez prioritaire !

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Alizée Jussieu

Responsable d'innovation

Dozens of teams are innovating with AirSaas

Series d'interview des CDO
qui transforment leurs entreprises

La série d'entrevues mensuelles Airsaas «Path to Becoming a CDO» mettra en vedette les principaux chief Digital officers des ETI Françaises et internationales.

Un produit simple et efficace

Innovate with startups from around the world

Better understand the challenges of small and
midsize businesses

" We have been helping small and midsize businesses to restructure their organization for over 5 years so they can take advantage of digital. This contact and these ongoing discussions have given us a strong and unshakable conviction that it is now or never for our small and midsize businesses to make the digital transformation leap. It works by helping employees work together in a simple and structured manner to research and implement startup solutions. Enormous operational gains are possible once we stop using Excel and paper. "

-Bertran Ruiz

They are already using AirSaas

Mais je passe énormément de temps sur des sources différentes à reccueillir de l'information, qualifier les startups et prendre contacte avec elles.

Airsaas est un outil simple, agréable et permet de voir les startups actives qui innovent dans des secteurs d'activités transverses.La santé et l'agriculture sont les deux secteurs les plus en retard en terme d'innovation. J'oeuvre au quotidien à faire évoluer ce constat en travaillant avec de nombreuses startups.

Groupe Hospitalier
Paris St Joseph

Julie Valette,
Resp. developpement
innovation numérique

"Health and agriculture are the two sectors lagging the most in terms of innovation. Every day I start my work with numerous startups in an effort to change this fact.

But I spend a lot of time working with different sources to gather information, classify startups, and contact them.
AirSaas is a simple, user-friendly tool that lets me see active startups that are innovating across business sectors."

Hospital Group
Paris St Joseph

Julie Valette,
Development Manager
Digital innovation

Our primary mission is maintaining large industrial sites and tertiary buildings of all sizes.
More specifically, with my work with banking and insurance agencies, I am looking for robust IoT solutions to reduce my client-related invoices. I have found many startups on AirSaas.

I have contacted them and we are in discussion to launch a POC in the coming months.
The platform is simple to use and is being upgraded rapidly with new functionalities.

Vinci facilities
Guillaume Scotto,
Business Manager

I am often frustrated by startup websites. It is difficult to understand what they are offering and if their solution meets our needs. The supply chain needs to digitize and I often use sourcing to find the best suppliers to work with.

AirSaas perfectly meets my needs for this. I have access to precise information about a business's products, financial health and contact them easily.

Jean-Baptiste Ducastel,
Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

Work with

the startup that matches your needs


"Concentrate on your core business. Don't waste time managing expenses."

138 employees

8 000 000 € funds raised

Paris, France

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"Ubigreen's goal is to become the central platform for all building optimizations for large real estate portfolios."

35 employees

0€ funds raised

Toulouse, France

Visualize the product

"We provide our clients with a solution for creating content that lets them communicate with their audience using display screens."

43 employees

2 500 000 € funds raised

Toulouse, France

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"We improve the efficiency of supply chain operations and logistics."

21 employees

2 800 000 € funds raised

Ghent, Belgique

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"Address problems before they are notice to provide optimal comfort in buildings."

5 employees

0 € funds raised

Toulouse, France

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"Declique's goal is to simplify investment in French industry innovation."

2 employees

0 € funds raised

Toulouse, France

Visualize the product

"We want to provide exceptional customer service that can meet the needs of all businesses"

4012 employees

77 700 000 € funds raised

San Francisco, Etats Unis

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"Help businesses of every size in every business sector to digitize their contracting processes."

43 employees

3 600 000 € funds raised

Caen, France

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Don't let innovation pass you by!

Merci pour votre intérêt ! Nous prenons à coeur de vous présenter Airsaas dans les meilleures conditions :-) N'hésitez pas à inviter vos collègues à s'enregistrer sur Airsaas, plus vous serez nombreux de la même entreprise, plus vous serez prioritaire !

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